Camino Real Marketplace will welcome a Ross Dress for Less store this summer, providing Goleta residents with a new inexpensive shopping venue.

The store is set to open in mid-July and will offer a variety of discounted clothing and accessories. Ross specializes in selling closed-out merchandise from large department stores for 20 to 60 percent less than the original cost.

Bobbi Chaville, senior director of Ross, said the store will cater to Isla Vista residents’ fashion needs.

“If there’s a high student population in the area, we make sure we have an appropriate mix of products that will appeal to that population,” Chaville said.

Although there is currently a Ross in the Five Points Shopping Center in downtown Santa Barbara, Chaville said she believes Goleta’s growing population can support the opening of a new store. She also noted that while other companies have suffered economically, Ross’ profits increased 6 percent in the past year.

“If an area can accommodate additional stores, we certainly look to put more in the community,” Chaville said.

Fourth-year political science and black studies major Bukola Ishola, meanwhile, said that although the new Ross will be convenient for UCSB students, she doubts there will be much hype surrounding the store’s opening.

“I think students will shop there because it’s close, but it won’t be a big excitement,” Ishola said. “If it was a Target then everybody would be excited, but we already have a Ross. It’s not some place you would go everyday. It’s just another place to shop.”