UCSB filmmakers will have their work on display this Saturday at the first annual Santa Barbara Digital Film Festival.

The event, which will be held at 8 p.m. in Campbell Hall, will feature five movies produced almost exclusively by student producers, music composers and actors. In addition to showcasing the films, the festival will include a photography exhibit, a judging panel composed of Hollywood executives and writers and a raffle for iPods, gift cards and movie tickets.

All raffle proceeds, and potentially a share of ticket sales, will be donated to the UCSB Center for Black Studies Research Haiti Relief Fund.

SBDFF founder and director Aaron Harper said he hopes the event will garner UCSB students’ interest in film production.

“Currently, our film department here is purely a critical studies program with only one or two production classes offered each quarter,” Harper said. “I wanted more students to have a reason to work together and produce content that they can be proud of.”

Aside from Reel Loud — an annual UCSB student artwork showcase that includes film, music, performances and art — this festival is the only film event that requires its participating filmmakers to be UCSB students. Harper said he hopes introducing a second festival to the student body will diversify the university’s film scene.

“UCSB needs more than just one film festival a year, and there are more people than simply film students who want to go into the film industry,” Harper said. “SBDFF intends to give students another avenue to showcase their films, to work with students outside their major and to develop relationships and content that they can take with them into their careers.”

Additionally, event publicist Jackie Lee said the film fest provides an important educational opportunity for students to practice making digital films with dialogue.

“Reel Loud is silent films, whereas we’re accepting digital films,” Lee said. “I really like the idea of a digital film festival because it’s another way for students to gain experience.”
Tickets can be purchased for $8 at Social Sciences and Media Studies 2243 or by contacting Tracy Fisher at filmstudiocetf@gmail.com. Tickets will cost $10 at the door.