The Isla Vista Foot Patrol handled several reports of violence this weekend, and also came to the aid of a student who drunkenly fell from the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

A UCSB student fell from the bluffs along the 6500 block of DP Saturday night, requiring medical attention from county responders. The extent of the student’s injuries was unknown as of press time, though he was able to speak to sheriff’s deputies after the fall. I.V.F.P. Deputy Freddy Padilla said the man told authorities he had been drinking heavily before the incident.

“He admitted he drank approximately 20 beers throughout the day,” Padilla said.

In addition to the cliff accident, deputies dealt with multiple episodes of violent crime.

On Friday night, a male suspect from the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity house used a skateboard to assault a man on the 6500 block of DP. Padilla said the victim suffered injuries throughout his body.

“The victim was hit with a skateboard and assaulted by someone from the Pike House,” Padilla said. “The victim received abrasions to his right elbow, his head, and a black eye, as well as to his back.”

The injured male was transported for medical assistance, and the investigation concerning the suspect is ongoing.

Deputies also responded to a report of two juveniles brandishing knives on the 6600 block of DP early Saturday morning. Officers rushed to the scene, finding two intoxicated juveniles but no knives.

Padilla said the two youths also made verbal threats to each other.

“According to the person reporting the juveniles, one of the juveniles threatened he was going to go home and get his 9mm [handgun],” Padilla said. “The two juveniles were arrested for public intoxication and an investigation of public threatening and brandishing a knife.”

Officers also responded to a handful of alcohol-related crimes and thefts over the weekend. Deputies arrested seven people for public intoxication and issued seven alcohol citations. Thieves struck three residences and four cars, and Isla Vista locals reported three instances of vandalism.