The Associated Students Finance Board distributed $33,285 to 16 student organizations at last night’s meeting, leaving $67,786 left in the unallocated funds for the remainder of the year.

Invisible Children at UCSB approached the board to fund their stop on the Legacy Tour. The Legacy Tour is a scholarship fund started by the greater Invisible Children Organization that will be presenting a film screening and bringing three prestigious speakers to the campus.

Quinn Nguyen, a third-year global studies and political science double major and the founder of Invisible Children at UCSB, spoke about a co-sponsorship with Real Life that guarantees high attendance. The goal of the funding, she said, is to contribute to the scholarship fund.

“The event is being co-hosted by Real Life,” Nguyen said. “They have graciously let us have their venue at I.V. Theater from 7 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, so we are guaranteed 150 people. I know that you all do not usually fund donations, but I am hoping to use a one time exception to get funds for the scholarship of $150 from Finance Board and another $150 for the Lifewater International group as well.”

Board member Riley Schenck said the board was not able to fund the request.

“Obviously, we can’t fund this,” Schenck said.

The board allocated nothing to Invisible Children at UCSB.

The Queer Student Union came to the board seeking funding for the annual Queer Pride Week.

Joel Mandujano, a second-year feminist studies major and political chair for the Queer Student Union, told the board that the queer community at UCSB faces unique challenges based on its location, and needs the event to promote activism.

“This event is about educating students,” Mandujano said. “I want to emphasize the importance of this event. We have a unique community, not surrounded by a large supportive queer community outside. We are not as lucky as UCLA with LA Pride. Students really have to do it on their own.”

The board debated the cost of the week-long event and volleyed back and forth about whether to fund $10,000 for artist fees.

Schenck said he felt that QSU should have budgeted better for the event.

The other side of the debate felt that QSU had made it very clear, when asked, about what exactly they wanted funding. Board member Janelle Mungo said the board should fund the items that the QSU felt were most important in their budget.

“I think what is important is that we asked them what they wanted, and they said the artist fees,” Mungo said. “That is what we have based every other event on, the artists. Without these artist fees they are not going to be able to get going.”

After deliberation, the board voted to allocate the full $10,000 to QSU to cover all of the artist fees for the Pride Week event.

In total at last night’s over three-hour meeting, the board voted to fully fund Spring Fest, Black Graduation, Swing and Ballroom Dance Club, Students for Justice in Palestine, Environmental Affairs Board and Rhythms of Brazil, and decided to partially fund A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equality, M.U.J.E.R, American Student Association, Real Life, the Wellness Program, Queer Student Union, I.V. Surfrider, Born Again Ministries, S.T.A.R. and the Multicultural Center Council.