-Serve as the official representative of A.S.; deal with student affairs
-Appoint chairs of A.S. boards and student representatives to university bodies
-Devise the A.S. annual budget
-Veto legislation
-Hold a forum once per quarter in front of the UCen

-Maximum honorarium of $400 per quarter
-Full payment of university-assessed fees for term of office.

The endorsement decision for the office of president was a difficult one. Paul Monge-Rodriguez has earned the Nexus’ endorsement, but not without qualms. None of the candidates for the office of president are particularly outstanding. Paul’s OPP competitor, Josue Aparicio, would effectively keep A.S. operating at an unacceptable status quo, while the B.O.S.S. competition, Bennett Duval, is unremarkable. Monge-Rodriquez has lukewarm ideas like an A.S. newsletter (Bottom Line, anyone?) and a refrigerator exchange program that would waste student money.

Nevertheless, Monge-Rodriguez redeems himself with experience and charisma. He has held leadership positions in groups such as the A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equality and is passionate about his beliefs. Moreover, he prevailed in an open primary to become the DPP candidate — a party that has not yet violated student trust in the way OPP has this year through closed meetings and wasteful retreats. For these reasons, Paul Monge-Rodriguez is the best of the bunch and receives the Nexus endorsement for A.S. president.