So Nintendo DS just came out with a game called “Mean Girls,” based on the 2004 Lindsay Lohan movie. And what do they do? They leave Lindsay Lohan out of the cover art. Yeah, it’s got he other three bitches, but no hot Lohan mess. Now, some may wonder, “Why, God, why?” I, on the other hand, wonder why not. If the game is lame (which it must be), it has to be rated E so that every kid, canary and dumbass can still buy it. Now, that won’t exactly work if you have a drug addict, anorexic, I’m-gay-this-week-because-I’m-too-cool-for-school moron on the cover, will it? Practicality, folks.

Tomorrow’s Forecast: Lindsay Lohan calls the Weatherhuman to clear something up: “I’m not anorexic, jerk.” Well, OK then, sparky, you got it. Now go sniff a line.