I am currently a junior, and I read the Daily Nexus almost every day that I am on campus, as I have done since my freshman year. Even on the days that I don’t have time to read the entire Nexus I always make sure to read the Weather box as it is usually good for a laugh.

Especially in light of the recent events and occurrences of racism and homophobia at our fellow UC campuses, I was very disappointed and troubled to find that the Weatherhuman felt it necessary to include “They’re just gay” while describing his excessively negative opinion of musicals. As the box is on the opinion page, I fully respect the Weatherhuman’s right to dislike musicals, although usually his/her negative opinions have some sort of context, but I did not expect to find outright discriminatory language toward the queer community.

My only consolation during the racism and homophobia that has been occurring at our fellow UCs has been that I felt nothing like that would happen at UCSB. Obviously, I am not insinuating that this is even close to as serious or horrifying as the recent events of discrimination at UC San Diego or UC Davis, but as the Daily Nexus is basically the only noteworthy newspaper on campus, and as far as I have noticed, the Weather box is one of the most-read sections, I shudder to think of the emotional reaction this will have on my fellow queers.

An apology toward the offended community near or within the Weather box would be welcome, but a cessation of future occurrences such as these is all that I ask.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this letter and for being a part of an amazing and entertaining newspaper.