The popular Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle will open a new location in Goleta, adding to competition among local burrito makers.

The restaurant will be located adjacent to Rusty’s Pizza Parlor on Hollister Road and is expected to open its doors by fall 2010. A city construction board accepted building designs last week and will give final approval for the project next week.

Mayra Villegas, manager of the Chipotle in downtown Santa Barbara, said the new restaurant will offer eco-friendly products to its customers.

“Chipotle’s philosophy is ‘food with integrity,’ which means that we have a commitment to … local, naturally grown produce and humanely raised animals,” Villegas said. “We make sure all the food is grown the way it should be grown.”

Plans for the restaurant include construction of a new patio for outdoor seating. Villegas said the opening of the taquería opening will not be rushed, ensuring high quality service once it does open.

“We don’t want the prices to increase and have the quality of our product suffer,” Villegas said.

The new Chipotle will give Isla Vista residents yet another option for burritos, in addition to local restaurants like Freebirds, Chino’s Rock & Tacos and Super Cuca’s.

Chino’s manager Juan Gonzalez said he is not concerned about the competition.

“I don’t think it will bother us,” Gonzalez said. “We have [a location] downtown that’s right across from Chipotle, and to be honest, we’ve been doing pretty good.”

Nick Mason, a third-year global studies major, said he is already planning to frequent the new Chipotle.

“The other places kind of get old after a while,” Mason said. “Mix in a Chipotle burrito and it’s not a bad thing.”