Earlier this month, UCSB alumni Alfred Konuwa competed on the Super Bowl XLIV episode of “The Price is Right,” making it all the way to the Showcase Showdown.

Konuwa — who graduated as a business economics major in 2008 and donned a UCSB sweatshirt for the show — bought tickets for himself and his girlfriend, not expecting to be chosen as a contestant. He was however, and won $978 worth of Reebok athletic gear and scored a spot in the Showcase Showdown.

After his estimation of the Reebok prize was the closest among the contenders, Konuwa lost a game in which he nearly scored a tailgating package, which included a new trailer.

Konuwa’s career as a tax auditor in West Covina, Calif. prompted jokes from show’s host Drew Carey.

“Drew Carey gave me crap for being a tax auditor and said to me on stage, ‘I hope you lose.’ Then, during the commercial break, he apologized to me about the joke,” Konuwa said. “Carey was nice, real cool, normal guy.”

In the next game, Konuwa spun the giant wheel and won a seat in the Showcase Showdown.

“The wheel was heavy; it looks light on TV,” Konuwa said.

NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson presented the first Showcase prize — a trip to South Florida, two Super Bowl tickets and a new car. As an avid football fan, Konuwa said this was definitely one of the highlights of his experience.

Konuwa’s bid was $10,000 short and he did not win the grand prize.

“When I lost, I was pretty down about it at first, but I tried to stay positive, I was so happy to be on the show,” Konuwa said. “At one point, Carey told me that I was eligible to come back in 10 years when I’m 33. That’s something that I just may consider.”