Though Halloween 2010 seems far away, preparations are already beginning for Isla Vista’s annual display of debauchery.

The Associated Students Executive Vice President of Local Affairs office plans to work with campus departments, university officials, local groups and the city of Goleta to garner ideas on how to better prepare for the notorious Isla Vista event. Along with interdepartmental planning, the EVPLA office will soon distribute a survey for members of the UCSB community to express what changes they would like to see next Halloween.

Ahmed Naguib, the Halloween coordinator for the EVPLA office, said efforts to keep the celebration local are of primary concern.

“Halloween is a fun event, but we want to make it beneficial to the community as well,” Naguib said. “One issue is that there are too many strangers without a place to live, so we’ll be discussing ways to lessen the influx of people.”

In its current state, Naguib said, I.V.’s Halloween draws so much attention that there exist significant numbers of people who would like to see the holiday banned from I.V. altogether — a possibility the EVPLA office is trying to avoid.

Ultimately, Clayton Carlson, the External Vice President of Local Affairs, said the safety of I.V. during Halloween is dependent on whether or not local authorities improve their attempts to manage the holiday.

“There are just too many negatives surrounding Halloween that affect the community, from the amount of people to the amount of money that the county puts in,” Carlson said. “We’re looking to better manage the event and collaborate with such groups as I.V. Foot Patrol, the 3rd District Office, the city of Goleta, Associated Students Executives and the Chancellor’s Office.”

Adam Gross, a third-year film and media studies major, said out-of-towners taint I.V.’s annual spook-a-thon.

“Halloween loses its glamour because of all the outsiders,” Gross said. “I think keeping this year’s Halloween local should be the biggest concern.”

Meetings will continue throughout the month of February to ensure that all concerned area residents can voice their opinions about this year’s Halloween.