Isla Vista’s pizzerias will soon have to cope with a smaller slice of the market, with the opening of Good Earth Pizza slated for this spring.

The eatery plans to be a health-conscious pizza place, distinguishing itself from other restaurants by using locally grown produce and environmentally friendly products. The parlor will move into the space previously occupied by Café Nirvana, on the 6500 block of Trigo Rd.

Good Earth Pizza owner David Singh said the restaurant will have an excellent menu for those wishing to eat healthy.

“We’ll be using ingredients from the local markets, which we cut ourselves,” Singh said. “We’ll have pure tomato sauce, not from concentrate, and whole milk mozzarella cheese, which is the most expensive type of cheese, and we will not use ingredients that will add grease to the pizzas. Our pizzas only have natural grease, and we have a method of removing some of that, too.”

Singh, who also owns Mesa Pizza Company in Santa Barbara, said Good Earth will sell a full range of Italian food in addition to pizza. Pasta, marinara sauce, meatballs and salads will all be available, although alcohol will not be on the menu.

Lindsey Hansen, a third-year sociology major, welcomed the prospect of a health-food restaurant in Isla Vista.

“I try to be health conscious whenever I can, and I think places like this will make it that much easier,” Hansen said.

In addition to health foods, the new parlor also plans to be environmentally friendly with its waste. Singh said Good Earth, like Mesa Pizza Company, will avoid materials like Styrofoam for its cups and plates.

“Mesa has always been environmentally conscious,” Singh said. “We do major recycling.”

Although the restaurant is currently under construction, Singh plans to have the entire operation running by April. Good Earth Pizza will have two patios for diners, as well as free Internet access.