At last night’s two-hour meeting, the Associated Students Finance Board dispersed $24,565 to eight organizations.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority returned to the board this week to follow up on their request of $2,550 for their annual Winter Quarter party to raise money for Isla Vista Elementary School. The board unanimously approved the revised budget of $450.

Global Medical Brigades’ request of $5,730 last night was approved in order to put on an event showcasing their work in Honduras. Next, GMB received $6,000 out of their $10,000 request for medical supplies for their upcoming Panama trip. According to board member Bennett Duval, GMB deserved the $6,000 since they received the same amount last year.

“I feel good about it because we’re not funding the entire trip,” Duval said.

A highly debated topic of the evening concerned the funding of the Collegiate Panhellenic Council’s Greek Week. The council requested $12,800 to fund several projects, including sponsoring a weekend carnival at the Isla Vista Elementary school, supporting the Greek Park Beautification Project and producing a substantial amount of T-shirts. T-shirts are typically a controversial item according to funding policies.

According to Kait O’Neal, a fourth-year French major, the shirts would be sold to raise money for elementary students to attend science camp. Last year, she said, Greek Week raised $4,500 in T-shirt sales.

Ultimately, the board decided to allocate $6,100 to the event but did not provide funds for the production of shirts.

On the note of funding T-shirts, the council decided that organizations requesting money to make T-shirts must first submit a T-shirt design to the board.