The Isla Vista Foot Patrol was busy this weekend, responding to multiple burglaries, vandalism and a sexual assault.

Thieves stole from a total of six residences over the weekend, entering homes between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. Several cars were vandalized, and there was the usual bounty of alcohol related arrests and citations.

According to IVFP Deputy Freddy Padilla, all the residences burglarized this weekend admitted to leaving doors and windows unlocked, allowing thieves an easy entrance. “All the residential burglaries that we’ve been taking today, they’ve said that doors have been unlocked for friends,” Padilla said. “We strongly encourage these guys to lock the doors and to make sure they close the windows when they go to bed.”

In addition to the house burglaries, two cars were broken into on the streets of I.V.

Isla Vista also saw violent crime during the weekend. A UCSB student was sexually assaulted on Friday night. The victim reported the attack to police Saturday morning.

The IVFP received several reports of vandalism as well. Vandals defaced cars early Sunday morning on Camino Corto, Trigo Road, and the 6800 block of Pasado Road. Deputy Padilla said he received 21 reports of vandalism over the weekend, including 20 on Sunday alone.

“Apparently, somebody thought it was a good idea to walk about Camino Corto, down Trigo and Pasado, and kick all the driver’s side mirrors off the vehicles,” Padilla said.

In addition to criminal activity, emergency personnel responded to a fall from the cliffs on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive. Deputy Padilla said paramedics responded early Sunday morning to a call from a young man who claimed to have fallen off the bluff.

“He fell from the cliff, went home, called for help, and then the medics got there,” Padilla said. “No one saw him [fall].”

Paramedics were also called on Sunday when two older men had seizures in Anisq’ Oyo’ Park. The seizures were brought on by alcohol withdrawal, Padilla said.

In addition to major crimes and emergencies, the Foot Patrol also handled routine alcohol citations and arrests. Sheriffs issued 12 citations for open containers in public and 12 citations for minors in possession of alcohol.

Officers also arrested seven people for public intoxication.