The Associated Students Legislative Council kept its meeting uncharacteristically short last night.

The council voted to bundle and pass six action items — most of which involved board appointments — in one fell swoop at the last meeting of the quarter, confining most of their discussion to honoraria and special projects reports.

Clay Carlson, the external vice president of local affairs, said the recent ban on drinking alcohol on the beach could have great ramifications for future events.

“We’re looking to get permits for drinking on the beach, but it’s not looking good,” Carlson said. “[This legislation] shed a lot more light on Halloween, with potential that one of the legislators brings some sort of ban on Halloween that kills it. I don’t know how they’d legally do that, but it does seem to be a possibility at this point.”

The annual external auditor’s report was also presented at last night’s meeting. The report showed that A.S. is doing well financially and recommended the organization hire more staff as the university population expands.

Additionally, the council allocated $600 to fund free coffee for students during finals at the Student Resource Building and Davidson Library on Dec. 6, 7 and 8.

Much of the meeting was devoted to the discussion of honoraria for members of the Council and the amount each member received depending on how thoroughly their duties were performed.

“You each have a responsibility as members of Associated Students,” A.S. president Charlie Arreola said. “We all talked about being change agents and proactive and making sure that we’re doing something at the university when we were appointed to these positions. The title doesn’t make you a leader, remember that.”