In just a few days, former UCSB student Jamie Lee Darley could be strutting down the runway as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The Victoria’s Secret’s “Angel Boot Camp” Competition, which began with over 20,000 hopefuls across the country, has been whittled down over the last month to the final two: Darley and fellow Californian Kylie Bisutti. The contest winner will be featured as a runway model in the nationally televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, slated for a Dec. 1 broadcast on CBS. Voting for the final round is open via until 10:50 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Dec. 1.

Currently, Darley, 23, is living in a New York City house with Bisutti, competing in challenges to show off her skills as a spokesmodel and her ability to successfully advertise Victoria Secret’s lingerie.

Darley, a Carmel native, attended UCSB for two years as an undergraduate, majoring in business while a member of the women’s volleyball team. But after her second year of college, Darley said she was convinced to pursue her dreams of acting and modeling professionally.

In a bold move, Darley dropped out of college and moved to L.A. Darley worked as a waitress and picked up bit roles on television shows, but never lucked out on a very successful acting or modeling job until her selection for the Victoria’s Secret contest. Her rise to the top of the modeling world in such a short time, Darley said, is all because she was sure of her goals and abilities.

“[It’s about having] 100 percent confidence,” Darley said. “I’ve been completely prepared from the beginning.”

After being selected from among 700 women at a California event held earlier this year by Victoria’s Secret, Jamie Lee was moved into a posh Manhattan apartment with nine other contestants as they entered the three final rounds of voting. She gained entrance into the final five after the first round of voting, and made it to where she stands in the top two after the second round of voting took place.

Although she eventually plans to finish her education, Darley said her current focus is entirely on winning the competition.

“Absolutely, I think I’m going to win,” Darley said.

Jamie Lee’s father Robert Darley said he is not offended by the possibility of millions seeing his daughter’s body exposed as a Victoria Secret’s model.

“As a dad, I haven’t got a problem,” Robert said. “It’s part of the business.”

Despite the drama that ensues from the competitive nature of the contest, Robert said a bonus of the contest is that the contenders have become close.

“The girls are all nice,” Robert said. “They’ve all become friends.”