Oh, Steven Begakis. How cute that you’ve found God (“Mass Infanticide Cannot Be Government Subsidized,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 17, 2009). That must be so nice. Unfortunately, not all of us share your zeal for a higher being, and we godless heathens don’t particularly appreciate when you try to justify unfair (or any) government policies by saying that they are in place to protect “God’s divine laws.” Haven’t you heard of separation of church and state?

Now, you seem to think abortion is a horrible, baby-killing plague upon humankind. First of all, most abortions are performed fairly early, when the so-called “baby” is little more than a somewhat baby-shaped parasitic mass living in a woman’s womb. It cannot survive on its own outside the womb. It’s not the same as actually killing a post-natal baby. Please understand the difference and perhaps take a biology course. Second, you go on and on about the rights of the person living inside a woman’s uterus, regardless of the circumstances in which they arrived there. Not once do you acknowledge that the woman carrying the fetus is also human and therefore should at least have equal rights. What happens to her life? Is the baby her punishment for having sex? Does a baby who was conceived through rape still have the same rights as its mother, and do the rights that it has justify possibly ruining its mother’s life? Third, you scream in outrage that the government has passively ignored the murder of millions of innocent people, and you denounce taxpayer money going to “promote” this. You seem to forget that it is taxpayer money funding the war in Iraq, in which hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives.

So, Steven, please stop using your personal morals to preach about something you understand so little. Also, keep your God out of my uterus.

Jo Downes is a third-year biology major.