Do you feel like you could toss your breakfast burrito right about now? Did you push snooze too many times and end up losing your alarm clock (phone) in the covers of your bed? It’s only Tuesday and my week is wrecked and I feel about 80 years old. I’m tired of missing classes to do work for other classes. When I do muster the strength to get on my bike, I’m weak and my senses are impaired and we all know the sport of biking through campus is not one to be played without a strong defense. If I’m not shoving breakfast in my mouth with one hand and clutching the only brake that works with the other hand, I’m popping ibuprofen and regretting that bottle that put me to sleep like a baby but woke me up like a bag of dying cats.

Tomorrow’s Forecast: With failure comes peace of mind, you say? Sign me up.