“Dear Igor” is the very best thing about the Nexus this year, and I am proud that the staff was brilliant enough to create such an epic advice column. The fact that his articles are taken so seriously (“”Dear Igor’ Columns Present Negative Image of Student Body,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 9, 2009) tells me that the audience probably needs to lighten up a bit. Or a lot.

I believe that this community (and the rest of America, for that matter) is slowly trying to outlaw anything that is funny. Why? Because it offended someone. Well guess what? No matter what you say, or what joke you tell (unless it’s an extremely cheesy Laffy Taffy joke), you are going to offend someone. That is what gives a joke its charm.

I have taken the initiative to create an entirely new political party, one dedicated solely to the preservation of all that is funny. The Humor Preservation Society, or HPS, can be found on Facebook. We do not discriminate or label anyone as “liberal” (the bleeding hearts who are easily offended by anything) or as “conservative” (the uptight prudes who are easily offended by anything). I encourage all who love Igor and all who enjoy laughing, to join, so we will never live in a world where joking is illegal.

Preston Robinson is a second-year physics major.