Last Thursday, SOhO was graced with the presence of Kill Rock Stars artist Thao Nguyen and her backing back, the Get Down Stay Down. Though the Virginia-based band’s only been around for the past three years, it has gathered quite a following. The band kicked off its newest tour, behind its latest album, We Brave Bee Stings, here in Santa Barbara, and it was an evening to remember.

The show certainly proved it. As soon as Thao hit the stage, everyone in the room turned their focus to the band. The band never let up its energy, and kept the crowd engaged with clapping, joking, dancing and overall the band’s musical spirit.

“She’s extremely charismatic…she’s pretty much punked out and rocked out,” said a member of the audience in describing vocalist, Thao. No doubt that others felt the same, when the show ended the crowd begged for an encore and to their delight, the request for an encore was appeased.

“The performance blew my mind, I was expecting talent but this was incredible. Thao was very sweet too,” Anna Elfelt, another audience member commented.

The crowd weren’t the only ones pleased however. Once the show ended when vocalist, Thao, was asked how she felt about her performance and her first visit to Santa Barbara she stated, “I was very excited! We had a lot of fun and it was a very warm and friendly crowd.”
The show was an undoubted success. Hopefully we’ll see more from Thao with the Get Down, Stay Down in the near future.