A man in his thirties fell from the cliffs on Del Playa Drive early Sunday morning, in an incident police say involved alcohol consumption.

The individual, who survived the fall, had been at Gaffney Park, at the intersection of DP and Camino Corto, when he went over the cliffs at 4:30 a.m. Isla Vista Foot Patrol Lieutenant Brian Olmstead said officers were on the scene immediately.

“Luckily some officers were right there at the time it happened and able to provide immediate first aid,” Olmstead added. “The [man] is suffering from a broken leg and some head injuries.”

Olmstead said he was unable to clarify if the injured was associated with UCSB or not.

In addition to medical emergencies, law enforcement also issued 57 citations and made 11 arrests over the weekend. Olmstead said the citations ranged from noise violations to alcohol abuse.

“By far the majority of the citations were for minor in possession of alcohol,” Olmstead said.

Two arrests were made Friday night for residential burglary, and two more were issued the same evening for possession of ecstasy. Several other arrests were made for being drunk in public.