The Associated Students Legislative Council discussed topics ranging from the efforts to save the Exercise and Sports Science Dept. to the campus wide teach-in during last night’s meeting.

One source of contention during the meeting revolved around a resolution supporting a student-run campaign to preserve the ESS department. According to the council, the resolution formally recognizes that UCSB students are against eliminating the department.

“I think it needs to be recognized that removal of the department is going to eliminate a lot of students’ progress on the minor,” Representative-at-Large Jake Elwood said. “It should be specified that students working on this ESS minor will have to finish the minor by the end of the year or lose all progress made.”

Meanwhile, the council discussed potentially adding a special project position to the External Vice- President for Statewide Affairs to help recruit on-campus students. With a cost of $1,200, the council decided to table this bill until next week.

The council also tabled a bill that would merge the A.S. Academic Senate with the Academic Advisory liaison position. A passage of this bill would eliminate one of the positions, saving $900.

Following the passage of a bill last week that formally announced the student council’s support for the teach-in, last night’s meeting was kept unusually brief. The meeting — just less than two hours in length — was shortened to allow members ample time to attend the teach-in that evening.