Yes, it’s raining. Yes, there is still class and yes, that blows. I struggle to think of anything I’d less rather do than sit in a wet seat, soaked to the toes, both shivering and panting and smelling like a puppy. I like to appreciate the rain from afar, and by afar I mean it is outside while I am inside, nursing a hangover and listening to it from under a blanket on the couch. I’m pleased with the rain though. I think of it as giving Isla Vista a nice bath, a bath to cleanse away some of the vile things we’ve all done to it. Or maybe it’s God, trying to wash away some of the sinful things we’ve done to it.

Tomorrow’s Forecast: Students stop crying about the rain and start crying about the fact that today is the last day to add that class you’ve been going to for the last three weeks. Time to start groveling, people.