Walking in to see “Jennifer’s Body,” I was prepared to experience something similar to that which was depicted in the first shot of the film: picking at a scab. After all, Megan Fox really hasn’t shown any acting potential beyond her ability to pose on a motorcycle and pout for Shia LaBeouf. Well, that and her affinity for saying each and every inane thought that comes to mind. This, incidentally, bares striking resemblance to the film’s titular character, and turns the movie into an engrossingly addictive piece of entertainment.

After the only bar in Devil’s Kettle, Minn. mysteriously burns down, local high school beauty Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) shows up at her friend Needy’s house a little worse for the wear. It’s soon discovered that Jennifer is possessed by a demon and feeding on boys to stay alive and gorgeous.

Despite how dumb the plot summary sounds, writer Diablo Cody crafts a script that actually blew my mind. The movie boasts an R-rating: think of “Juno”‘s dialogue on crack and uncensored, where everything that everyone thinks gets said aloud. There are even a few new catchphrases that I imagine will begin floating around, and you might take new offense to someone asking you if you’re pluggin’. Long after the viewing experience ended, I still find myself laughing at the film’s inane humor.

Credit must also be given to director Karyn Kusama (“Girlfight”), who gives the movie a pace and a tone that effectively complement Cody’s hyperactive script. Even the music, with tunes ranging from Dashboard Confessional to Screeching Weasel’s cover of “I Can See Clearly,” keeps true to the darkly comedic aspect of the film.

Whether or not this movie is actually scary like the main premise suggests is unclear. Fox’s blood-soaked grin certainly scores the creeps, but the film itself is not meant to be your usual straight-faced bloodbath the trailer would have you believe. It instead limits the gore and picks up the pace with high school jokes and teenage miseries.

With Adam Brody in a supporting role as a Satan-worshipping indie singer, Amanda Seyfried striking the perfect note as Needy and J.K. Simmons as a hook-handed high school teacher, there’s a little bit of love for everyone’s comedic taste. Despite what the box office scores might tell you, “Jennifer’s Body” is a new cult classic that even cheeseball Megan Fox can’t screw up.