When you’re done sizzling on the beach, slipping in and out of hooch-induced demi-comas, participating in hippie festivals at one of I.V.’s illustrious parks and — most importantly — avoiding getting a “real” job, you might remember that one of your reasons for pursuing higher education is probably to learn a thing or two. Believe it or not, signing up for classes becomes pretty important when you’re going for the whole degree thing.

Being the forward-thinking institution it is, UCSB thoughtfully provides a gaggle of peers ready and waiting to enroll you in whatever leftover entry-level classes the more senior members of our campus have the good sense to avoid. Fortunately, not all registration passes will be led by an over-caffeinated, polo-wearing classmate with more pep than your high school cheer squad, cheering you to success one course number at a time.

That’s right, you little urchin freshmeat: You’re going to have to learn to do this all on your own. Thank your lucky stars the Daily Nexus has taken time out of its busy schedule to take you back to school.

Pre-Registration Activities
1. Check your registration times beforehand and mark them on your calendar. It’s a drag to miss your first pass and end up crashing all but one of your classes. To do this, log into GOLD and click REGISTRATION INFO, located in the left-hand column.

2. You can’t do this over GOLD, but you’d do well to get it done ASAP: See your major’s counselor to make sure you get units for any AP tests you scored three or above on. You can get a quarter’s worth of credit easily from a few AP tests. Remember the social life you gave up to scrape by with a three on your AP calculus exam? Make sure you get credit before your first registration pass, or your attempt to enroll in that super-rad advanced linear algebra class might get shut down. Bummer.

General Information
1. Courses numbered 1-99 are lower division classes. Courses numbered 100-199, upper division. Courses numbered 200 and above are graduate courses.

2. You can only enroll in 13.5 units during your first registration pass, so choose the courses you register for first wisely. Leaving a popular class like Communications 1 for your third registration pass is a good way to end up taking it next quarter.

3. Wondering why the hell some courses have an S or an H suffix? These are honors courses. Talk your professor into giving you an approval code and you might add an extra glimmer to your diploma. You can read up on UCSB’s honors program at http://www.honors.ltsc.ucsb.edu/. Bring a pocket protector, you overachiever, you.

Searching and Registering for a Class
1. Click FIND COURSES, located in the left column.

2. Select the appropriate quarter for which you are registering.

3. Select a subject area (and a course number, if applicable) and click BEGIN SEARCH.

4. After finding a course, click on the ADD button to the right of the course listing.

Add Codes
1. Log into GOLD during one of your pass times.

2. Click the MY CLASS SCHEDULE button, located in the left column.

3. Enter your enroll code in the appropriate box, found just above the classes you’re already signed up for.

4. Enter your add code.

5. Don’t forget to show up for class.

Contact Information
Although it might seem useless, keep your contact information updated on GOLD; in particular, your local and permanent living addresses. If you end up dropping a class before the refund deadline, your refund comes in the form of a check mailed to your current local address, so unless you want your apartment’s next tenant to score a fat check, keep it up to date. Click the CONTACT INFORMATION button on the left, and click the various “update” buttons on the following screen.