The Basics:

– The objective of the game is to toss Ping-Pong balls into your opponents’ cups, thus forcing them to drink the beer contained therein.

– There are 10 cups per side to start, formed in a 4-3-2-1 triangle.

– The 10 cups contain either two or three beers between them.

– Each team has two players.

– During one team’s turn, each player throws the ball once.

– The defending team must drink whichever cups are made.

– If both players make it in a turn, they are awarded a second turn.

– Before shooting, a player is expected (nay, required) to wash his or her ball in a water cup.

– The first team to make all their opponents’ cups wins, and the losers must also drink all the remaining beer.

The Extras:

Re-racks: Over the course of a game, each team is generally allowed two re-racks, in which they can change the formation of the cups they are shooting at. Some houses have restrictions as to when and how you may re-rack, while others do not.

NBA Jam: If a player makes two shots in a row, he is deemed “heating up” and must call it out. If said player then makes a third cup, he is now “on fire” and may keep shooting until he misses.

Rebuttal: If a team’s opponents make the last cup, the team is typically allowed a rebuttal, in which the players shoot until they miss.

Overtime: If a rebuttal is made, the game goes into three-cup overtime.

Death Cup: If the ball goes into a beer cup that is still being drunk from the same game, it is declared a death cup and the recipient’s team is disqualified.

Bouncing: If a player bounces a ball off the table and into a cup, the receiving team must drink two cups.

Same Cup: If both players on a team make it into the same cup, the other team must drink three cups (or all those bordering the cup at some houses) and give the balls back to the shooting team.


The origins of beer pong can be traced to a primitive game resembling table tennis, played in fraternities at Dartmouth College in the dark ages of the 1960s. Thankfully, many advances have been made in beer pong technology, ranging from abandoning paddles to expanding the game outside of douchey Ivy League frat guys.

While we do not have statistics handy, The Daily Nexus estimates that 99.6 percent of Isla Vista residences have a beer pong setup of some sort. These range from kitchen islands to wood planks stacked on trash cans to professionally made, regulation size tables and everything in between.

Today, the best of the best compete in the World Series of Beer Pong. This tournament (allegedly the largest in the world) has taken place in Las Vegas every year since 2006.

Sometimes, “The Man” tries to keep beer pong down. In fact, in 2007, Georgetown University banned everything beer pong from its grounds. This meant that not only were the Hoyas unable to participate in the game, but they were even banned from owning beer pong tables or — we kid you not — lots of Ping-Pong balls. Obviously, banning Ping-Pong balls will solve underage drinking once and for all.

If you like beer pong but hate drinking or people, you are still in luck. In 2008, a game was created for the Wii entitled “Frat Party Games: Beer Pong.” It was pretty much the game of beer pong without all the fun, but people still objected. In response, it is now called “Frat Party Games: Pong Toss.” You know, for the children.


Do: Distract your opponents. One of the key aspects to any game is the ridiculous stuff your friends will do to stop you making a cup. You might even see boobies!

Don’t: Stack cups after you drink them. It’s unsanitary, even by the standards of a game that has been rumored to spread herpes.

Do: Show your partner some love. Nothing says “nice shot!” like an elaborate high-five combination.

Don’t: Cut in line. Just like in fourth grade, it’s still not cool to take your turn before the people who are actually waiting. Try calling “next available!” instead of “next game.” It’s just courtesy.

Do: Drink a side beer. You don’t want to have to wait for them to make a cup, do you?

Don’t: Knock over the cups. This is the cardinal sin of the game. Just don’t do it.


Once upon a time, many years ago (or like 2007), two future Sports Editors named Matt and John were enjoying a relaxing Thursday night of beer pong among friends. The intrepid combo had done well in their first few matches of the evening but ran into trouble against a certain female friend and an older, presumably Middle Eastern gentleman who will remain nameless as well. Down by a couple cups and running out of time, our heroes were faced with likely doom. However, after Matt’s shot fell short yet again, fate intervened.

The ball careened back across the makeshift table and into Matt’s waiting hand. He knew he had a chance to redeem himself with the illustrious “behind the back” shot to turn momentum in their favor. But Matt was drunk, and his shot missed far wide. Wide enough that it hit the wall to his left, and ricocheted toward one of his unsuspecting opponents. Before the female foe had time to react, the ball hit her square in the breast, which cushioned its bounce just enough to direct it into her waiting death cup. The game was over, and the good guys had prevailed. Seriously.


20 red plastic cups, plus two water cups of any sort

A 30 pack of cheap beer

At least two Ping-Pong balls, but probably more

Friends (three will suffice)


The Daily Nexus does not endorse underage drinking. Seeing as most of the freshmen receiving this article are under 21, they should probably disregard this whole page. While they are old enough to join the army, play the lotto, get married and go deep into debt, the U.S. Government has determined in all its wisdom that they are unable to consume an alcoholic beverage. While their parents probably drank at their age (it was legal then) and kids even younger in foreign nations across the world are allowed to imbibe as well, it is highly immoral and wrong for these freshmen to drink in the United States of America. Thus, we repeat, we do not endorse underage drinking here at the Daily Nexus.

We wouldn’t dream of it.