[Editor’s note: Originally, the Nexus printed that Lindsay Gottlieb won women’s coach of the year, and it was omitted that Charles Sotudi won the Dare to Make a Difference Award. The Nexus regrets these errors.]

Award Winners:

Women’s Coach of the Year:
Paul Stumpf

Men’s Coach of the Year:
Gregg Wilson

Women’s Newcomer of the Year:
Krista Cobb
Men’s Newcomer of the Year:
Joe Gardner

Best Performance (Women):
Danielle Domenichelli
Track & Field

Best Performance (Men):
Chris Pontius

Mr. and Ms. Gaucho:
Brian Gump and Anne Marie May
Baseball and Swimming

Most Often Injured:
Priscilla Perea

Best Excuse to Miss Practice:
David Ponce’s “I’m thinking of being sick.”

Best Pre-Game Ritual:
Track & Field’s Olé Chant

Team Academic Award:
Men’s Golf

Dare to Make a Difference Award:
Charles Sotudi

Phil Womble Gaucho Heart:
Doug Hansen and Sha’Rae Gibbons
Baseball and Women’s Basketball

Women’s Team of the Year:

Men’s Team of the Year:

Women’s Athlete of the Year:
Katie Freeman

Men’s Athlete of the Year:
Milos Golic
Water Polo

Best of, Worst of

Props to: Men’s volleyball star Cullen Irons and his moderately awkward rapport with speechless mascot Olé.

Fingerwags to: Asst. Athletics Communications Director Matt Hurst, whose booming voice and less-than-hilarious jokes made for some interesting slideshows.

Props to: Men’s basketball’s Greg Somogyi, who somehow found a suit that fit him and classed it up a notch.

Fingerwags to: The entire event, for not honoring the Nexus with several awards.
Props to: Athletic Director Mark Massari for making the whole thing a classy endeavor.

Fingerwags to: Baseball pitcher Mike Ford for wearing flip flops. Hippie.

Props to: Swimmer Anne Marie May, whose backless dress singlehandedly emasculated the entire men’s basketball team. Bravo.