Sara Tahmassebi, a second-year UCSB student, died in her Isla Vista apartment Saturday. The cause of death is unknown, pending a toxicology report.

The Isla Vista Foot Patrol was called to the location on the afternoon of May 9 after a friend discovered Tahmassebi’s body. Authorities are currently investigating the case and the IVFP has confirmed that there was no foul play.

Sara is survived by her parents, older sister and younger brother.

According to her sister Leila Tahmassebi, Sara was a light-hearted person who taught her friends how to enjoy life to the fullest.

“She was such a joy to have around always,” Leila said. “I guess I never really fully realized how much happiness she brought to everyone in her life until she was gone. She will be missed very dearly.”

Jamie Morris, a second-year global studies major, said she is just now realizing Sara’s impact on her life.

“She’s really going to be missed,” Morris said. “When she was around I didn’t appreciate what a great influence she had on my life. The ones that really know her know what a great loss this is. Even though we knew her for such a short time, she was able to make our lives better.”

Leah Rivard, a second-year communication major, said friendship was always Sara’s top priority.

“She was there for me when I needed her the most,” Rivard said. “She was a great friend. She could always make you feel better about the situation you were in. … Wherever she went she always made friends. A lot of people will remember her for her personality because she lived her life to the fullest.”

Moreover, Sara’s roommate Paloma Acosta, a first-year English major, said she will never forget Tahmassebi’s fun-loving personality.

“She always had a bunch of energy,” Acosta said. “She was always down for everything, she always tried to make sure everyone was having a good time. There was never a dull moment with her and once you met her, you could not forget her.”

According to Acosta, seven of Sara’s closest friends had a copy of Sara’s favorite tattoo – a heart – done on their wrists Sunday in her memory. Although Sara got the tattoo on an impulse, Acosta said, it was always her friend’s favorite.

“She was a great person,” Acosta said. “It’s tragic that it happened. This shows how precious life is. … Sara knew everyone around us, all the neighbors… Our entire block is grieving right now.”

Furthermore, Sara’s neighbor Angela Manzano, a second-year film major, said she regrets not following through with plans the two had made.

“I remember always yelling to get her attention from our balcony to her window,” Manzano said. “We were always supposed to make a plastic cup [telephone] from our balcony to her window, but we never got around to it. … She was always yelling, screaming. She was crazy and beautiful.”

Leila said Sara felt most at home at UCSB.

“She absolutely loved [Santa Barbara],” Leila said. “She didn’t even want to come home this summer. She loved Isla Vista and she loved the beach. She was very, very happy.”

A date for a memorial service has not been set, Leila said, but the family is planning to hold a service this weekend or sometime next week. The family also held a candlelight vigil last night on the beach.