One of the top 10 sexiest professors in the nation teaches at UCSB.

Writing professor Teddy Macker received the coveted title of the 10th hottest professor after – an AOL-affiliated Web site, which focuses on everything from sex and relationships to fashion and pop culture – evaluated thousands of submissions. The self-proclaimed “sweet, tasty and tart” Web site released the list of the 50 Hottest Professors in the country on May 4.

According to LaToya Drake of AOL Corporate Communications, Macker earned the honor of the 10th hottest professor in the nation based on his “lethal combination of beauty and brains.”

In March, the Web site solicited submissions from readers and asked, another popular women’s Web site, to assist in their quest to locate academia’s cream of the crop. After examining countless pictures, comments and e-mails, the finest candidates were selected and UCSB’s Macker made the cut.

Douglas Bradley, a fellow professor in the Writing Program, said he found the ranking hilarious, but altogether unsurprising considering Macker’s popularity with the student body.

“Teddy’s fame as a Lemondrop ‘hot prof’ is news to me, but doesn’t surprise me too much,” Bradley said. “He’s a very popular lecturer in the Writing Program with students and colleagues alike, and he has an extremely likeable personality. But Teddy’s a consummate professional and a very straight shooter. I think he should just enjoy his moment of fame and bask in the glory.”

Macker declined an interview, but said in an e-mail that the whole affair made him very uneasy.
“Teachers should be honored for their teaching, not random photos on the Internet,” Macker said. “This world of ours has much bigger fish to fry.”

The modest professor’s good looks are also mentioned on, a Web site on which students can post and read comments about various professors.

“He’s super hot and so helpful and smart,” one former student wrote. “Believe me, he will change your life.”

Sex appeal aside, students praised Macker for the impact he has had on their educational experience. Another former student claimed to have switched majors due to Macker’s talents.

Meanwhile, some remained fixated on Macker’s apparent sexiness.

“This guy is a total knockout,” one student wrote. “If he was a sports car, he would be way too expensive, but I’d go along for the ride!”

Others expressed more carnal desires.

“He’s so hot and funny!” the post said. “I wanted to do him.”

Bianca Nickols, a fourth-year English major who completed Macker’s Writing 50 course, said she felt Macker had more to offer to his students than just his looks.

“He is better looking than the other professors I have had, but I didn’t necessarily think he was that good looking,” she said. “I just didn’t think of him in that way.”