Okay, since this stupid Jesse Byrd column (“I Got Hoes,” Daily Nexus, April 23) has so many people up in arms, I want to get my two cents in.

First, this is a piece of shit article is so ridiculous that I have no idea why people are so worried about it. Obviously, Jesse Byrd thinks he’s funny, so whatever.

Second, the truth of the matter is that Jesse goes to UCSB, so it is representing the views of at least one UCSB student.

Third, stop blaming the Nexus! I have read all sorts of inflammatory and small-minded bullshit written by UCSB students in the Nexus, and I love the fact that our paper will publish it and show just how diverse this campus is.

Fourth, the last thing I want to do is turn us into Cal or UCLA and begin prioritizing political correctness over a truthful view of our student body.