The other day on my way home I happened to run into the “No on Hate” rally working its way through campus and out into I.V. A few hundred students marched and shouted slogans all about how they want UCSB to be “hate free.”

As I was watching, I became a little disturbed. This rally was prompted by the recent incident where some members of the PIKE fraternity allegedly attacked two Asian-American students in a racially charged assault. But listening to the rally, you would think the Ku Klux Klan was having regular marches through the streets of I.V. Where is all this hate they are talking about? People are pretty peaceful around here. Whoever did the assault is probably going to be charged with a crime, and PIKE has already been forbidden from hosting the annual Fight Night. That is no small slap on the wrist. The administration took swift and severe action in response to this incident.

Now, if these protesters are consistent in what they say, they will be against all hate on this campus, not just hate that is politically correct to fight against. I am an outspoken and active conservative Republican on this campus and I also happen to be a very proud Iraq veteran. I cannot tell you how much vitriolic speech has been directed at me on this very campus because of this. I have been called every hateful name you can think of in my four years here (Nazi, Klansman, Fascist, rapist, baby-killer, etc). I was also spit on at a “peace” protest downtown when I ousted myself. That is an assault by the way, fueled by hate. Where is the rally against this kind of hateful expression?

And it is not just me. The ROTC regularly has hateful statements shouted at them by students passing by on the bike path. Recently, some students protested the ROTC with signs saying things like, “Careers in Killing and Torture.” They are not just talking about the ROTC, they are talking about me and my comrades. Last year, every student running for office under the Student Voice! platform told me that they were in favor of kicking the ROTC off of campus if they could. They were not only saying that the ROTC is not welcome in their opinion, but that I am not welcome either.

Furthermore, last quarter some students had a “White Guilt” board set up in the arbor where students were encouraged to write their feelings about white guilt. After only a few days, the board was covered with hate speech about white people. There were literally things like “F&%$ these white MFers” and other “kill whitey” type slogans. No one said a peep. It was left up for weeks!!

Why is there no outrage to this kind of hatred? This is much more widespread on UCSB than racially based hatred. The “hate crime” everyone is so mad about came from a fraternity. Much of the hatred against me, and all I believe in, comes from the classroom. It is fueled by activist professors and “tolerant” students.

I do not want to minimize the racially charged assault that happened recently. This is absolutely inappropriate. But if we want people to be real about stopping hate, then I want to see every single person who took part in that protest today to come out and join me the next time someone is spreading hate about the military, about white people, about Republicans or whatever. It is all hate, and it is all wrong. Otherwise you are only moral relativists who don’t really believe in anything.