Associated Students Finance Board allocated $21,411.43 to more than a dozen student groups at last night’s meeting.

More than 20 student groups asked for funding, with requests totaling over $70,000. The board began the night with only $10,560 remaining in its unallocated budget, but was able to distribute more money by emptying the dedicated accounts for outreach and culture weeks. Only $186.04 remains in the board’s unallocated budget.

One of the first groups to receive funding was Akanke, an African-American women’s group that had been tabled at last week’s meeting. Akanke had requested funds for a men’s appreciation banquet and according to the board, Akanke had been tabled because their budget was too large.

“What is the least amount that you think we could allocate you for this event to still go on?” board member Josue Aparicio said.

At one point, board members also considered a motion to not fund the group. Nevertheless, other board members remained adamant about funding Akanke.

“I want to give you money no matter what,” board member Hassan Naveed said.

Members of Akanke, however, were taken aback by the board’s questions. Akanke believed they had been tabled because of their relationship with the Black Renaissance Pioneer Organization, an African-American men’s group that is holding a women’s appreciation banquet. As a result, Akanke representatives were not prepared to alter their budget.

“We thought we were tabled last week because of the money allocated to BPRO. We weren’t told that we should cut our budget in any way,” an Akanke representative, who would not give her name to the Nexus, said. “Had we known this last week we definitely would have [cut the budget.]”

The board ultimately allotted $2,000 to Akanke.

Meanwhile, the board made its largest allocation to the Korean American Student Association, giving the group $3,070. El Congreso, a campus organization that plans to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Chicano Studies department at UCSB, received $3,000. Sigma Phi Epsilon also obtained an allotment of $2,847 for a charity football game.

Under the constraints of a tight budget, no group was fully funded.

In addition to distributing funds, the board also heard an apology from former Finance Board chair Daniel Plotkin. Plotkin, who lost last week’s election for Associated Students president, had been removed from the board due to excessive absences.

“I thought everybody should hear from me, [I] apologize. Basically I didn’t do my job effectively enough,” Plotkin said. “I thought that after two years I owed it to everybody on this board to hear it from me personally.”

The board adjourned with only 10 out of 18 members present, and two of the 10 were proxies. Members plan to convene next week to discuss financial policies and procedures, but will not dole out any funds.