I am increasingly frustrated by the consistently irresponsible reporting by the Daily Nexus.

To start off, the Daily Nexus failed to report on the “No on Hate” rally organized by Student Commission on Racial Equality. The rally had one picture depicted in the paper with a short caption underneath. The New York Times wrote an entire article about it. The New York Times! My father, in Jordan (Middle East), asked if I was there. Yet our school newspaper feels an article about some 100 cats on San Nicolas Island is more worthy as a cover feature.

The Nexus has failed to credit the correct people on multiple occasions. I was cited as the only organizer for the Earth Day Festival in Isla Vista, despite telling the reporter I played a small role in its organization and suggesting she direct her questions to the people in charge, whom I introduced her to. The article did not even mention their names.

Furthermore, a story on the trash and pollution that followed Floatopia failed to credit the Environmental Affairs Board, the Coastal Fund and Isla Vista Surfrider for the cleanup efforts. Not failing, however, to publish pictures of the trash they collected.

To make matters worse, the mental health column has been removed, favoring the regular sex, drug and silly advice columns. Seriously, Nexus? I understand that these columns are fun to read, but priorities need to be reassigned to issues that actually matter.

Incorrect reporting across a multitude of articles is making the paper laughable. The Daily Nexus must seriously reevaluate their reporting methods to avoid further devaluation of the paper.