I’m a De La Guerra Dining Commons employee, and my name is Michael Bates, better known as Dancing Pizza Guy or its many variations. Last quarter, I witnessed a food fight break out. I simply asked, why? Some of you may pass it off as a simple stunt, but this was legitimately dangerous: Dishes and cups went flying, along with the food that people worked hard to make. That is inexcusable and highly reckless. People could have been seriously injured; it’s a good thing that no one was or the little societal cancers that started this would be in even deeper trouble.
Do you ever consider the time and money that go into running a dining common? The students at DLG are there to earn money, and the other employees work hard for what they earn to support themselves and their families. Many of you reading this have had a job at some point and should take serious umbrage with what was essentially an unprovoked attack against DLG employees, diners and school property.

For those of you that haven’t had to work for much, I recommend you try it. Maybe you’ll think harder about messing with someone’s work the next time. I dance and tell jokes as I serve because I like to entertain people, and I’m happy when I see DLG diners smile. What good is me making people happy if people with too much time and no respect for others have the gall to plan such an asinine stunt? I just don’t understand the thought process behind senseless chaos and destruction. I’m ashamed and disappointed. We’re in college and we all live here and share the same resources. Grow up, or get out.

Michael Bates is an undeclared first-year and an employee at the De La Guerra Dining Commons.