It was said that at least four students have attempted suicide at UCSB within the last quarter (“Suicide Attempts Concern Officials,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 26). One of those four students happens to be a friend of mine. Because of her attempted suicide, she was “suspended indefinitely.” Yeah, kicked out. Oops… did the UCSB officials forget to mention that?

This brilliant young woman (a Regents Scholar, in fact) is facing the world with a severe case of bipolar disorder. Upon her attempted suicide, the administration apparently found her to be a liability and decided that the best option was to expel her. I have never heard of such blatant discrimination by UCSB. Bipolar disorder is a mental disability. How is this disability different from the others here? Why is it that some students are accommodated while others get expelled upon discovery of their disability? The hypocrisy is disgusting.

Instead of helping a student in need, they kick her out, tell her roommates that she’s dangerous and put a nice black mark on her record. And the Student Mental Health Committee has the gall to ask for more money for preventative measures? They won’t even take care of the existing issue.

As I see it, the administration isn’t interested in helping the existing issue. They’re just trying to get rid of it. Preventing another “Virginia Tech,” someone might say. Shame our very own Counseling Services doesn’t think to explain that these injustices are what cause horrors like that of Virginia Tech.

Finally taken seriously by her doctors, my friend is getting the help she needs. Unfortunately, she will probably never return to UCSB. I am highly disappointed at how poorly this situation was handled, and I can only hope that future “improvements” in aiding our troubled students will include communication, compassion and hopefully a little bit of tact.