Time and again I am amazed at the drivel published in the Nexus. Mr. Begakis, your latest article was a disgusting display of evangelistic moralizing, condescension, logical fallacy and wanton ignorance. Hell, you even likened the logic of sex education to adultery. You appear confused; allow me to explain a few things…

First of all, rape is NOT sex. The fact that you seem to conflate the two, consciously or not, is disgusting. Furthermore, rape is not a direct consequence of living in the “immoral” environment the way you portray I.V.
Your tirade misses the inherent value of good sex education. Those who are more knowledgeable generally make sounder decisions. If I know how certain STIs work, I am much less likely to catch them from an intended partner. I can take steps to avoid getting a woman pregnant.

Given the confusion and experimentation that often comes with puberty (sexual animals indeed), such information is extremely valuable. And your call for a revival of abstinence education has one glaring problem: state and church-funded abstinence programs have produced record high levels of teen pregnancy and STIs in this country. Face it: Abstinence programs don’t work.

Finally, I take issue with your morality. Morals are like fingerprints; they are different for everyone. And most people are unwilling to subscribe to an old and increasingly unrealistic goal of putting off sex until marriage.

Please, get off your soapbox, can the “free love” rhetoric, join a monastery and stop talking about things you clearly don’t understand.