Leading officers of the Campus Democrats and a member of the Associated Students Executive Board were subpoenaed last night to appear at court and testify in Steve Pappas’ suit against 3rd District supervisor Doreen Farr.

The subpoenas – handed out personally by Pappas’ attorney Jeffrey Lake – are the latest move in Pappas’ attempt to overturn his Nov. 4 loss to Doreen Farr. Those subpoenaed were all directly involved in the voter registration drives that Pappas says were a source of voter fraud.

According to Campus Democrats Communications Director Patrick Donahoe, Club President Chrissy Elles, Events Director Lauren Peterson and Secretary Mandy Green were all subpoenaed.

Associated Students Vice President of External Affairs Corey Huber confirmed that he had received a subpoena as well, but would not comment on the matter.

Although Donahoe was not certain if the subpoenas required the officers from the Campus Democrats to turn over documents and testify – “This has all been happening a little bit fast tonight,” he noted – Huber’s subpoena simply ordered him to appear in court as a witness.

Neither Pappas nor his attorney returned phone calls last night.

Pappas has already subpoenaed the university in order to compare student files with voter registration cards, and in December he recounted every ballot cast in Isla Vista and on campus.

The trial date is set for Feb. 17.