I feel like every day I’m reading something about Steve Pappas: he’s attempting to overturn the results of the 3rd District Supervisor race; he’s subpoenaed the university; he wants all of the information and materials of about 9,700 voter registrations that were part of our campus’ voter drive; if he wins his case, it will invalidate almost half of those 9,700 votes and he will win the seat by about 2,250 votes. I’ve read it all too many times to count and each time I read something, I feel like Steve Pappas is saying my vote doesn’t count and that it doesn’t matter.

What I’m about to say may be harsh, but I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Steve Pappas, could you please grow a pair, be a man and accept that you lost the election? As another student said, Steve, we’re just not that into you. I understand you’re upset that you lost by 806 votes after you were endorsed by the Nexus and you spent so much money on all those T-shirts, pens and pizza handed out to students on our campus to encourage them to vote for you.

All I’m saying is that if you won, you wouldn’t be asking for those votes – my vote – to be invalidated. And let’s say you do win the case. Will it make you feel good knowing you’re the District Supervisor for people who really wanted someone else?

Emmaline Nguyen is a second-year Psychology Major