American Football Conference Championship

Four years ago, Ben Roethlisberger had a magical rookie season, going 13-0 in the regular season before leading his team to the AFC Championship game. Unfortunately for Big Ben, the Steelers would fall short on their quest for the Super Bowl, with America’s poster child Tom Brady taking his Patriots all the way. Fast forward up to the present, and we have a near identical situation, except this time Roethlisberger is the veteran quarterback and the Raven’s Joe Flacco is the rookie QB sensation. My guess is the outcome should be the same.

Well, not exactly. Given the show-stopping defense of both squads, particularly on the ground, I doubt either team will come close to replicating the 41-27 final score in the Pittsburgh’s loss against the Pats. The Ravens can blitz all they want, but I highly doubt anything will rattle the battle tested Roethlisberger. Baltimore Head Coach John Harbaugh should really think about coaxing him out of the game with a new Harley.

Final score: Pittsburgh 20, Baltimore 13.

National Football Conference Championship

The age-old proverb reads, “The early bird gets the worm.” This Sunday, the battle of the birds will be waged between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals, and the worm just happens to be the Super Bowl. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Animal Planet, but I’m going with nature on this one, with Donovan’s McNabb’s Eagles riding their late season momentum all the way to an NFC Championship.

It is a good story no matter who comes out on top, with both teams pretty much written off by NFL hacks, in the case of Eagles before the playoffs even started. I just feel that Philly has done a lot more to prove themselves as a championship contender, namely with a defense that made last year’s Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning look more like Tavaris Jackson, the quarterback they preyed on in their first playoff win. Arizona on the other hand was basically handed their win against Carolina when birthday boy Jake Delhomme got the blue guys confused with the red guys — five times. Break out momma’s Chunky Soup and give this one to the Eagles.

Final score: Philadelphia 33, Arizona 27