In response to the article “A.S. Addresses Israeli Conflict,” (Daily Nexus, Jan. 8, 2009), the resolution being brought to A.S. Legislative Council is absolutely NOT maintaining “neutrality.” The resolution states that Israel’s attacks have been “disproportionate and indiscriminate,” which is a dishonest and one-sided claim. The Israel Defense Forces target terrorist outposts and always attempts to limit civilian casualties, even at the risk of its own soldiers. Israel has warned Palestinian civilians of imminent attacks via text message, phone calls and fliers, taking the risk of tipping off Hamas and putting Israeli soldiers in extra danger.

While blaming Israel for civilian casualties, the resolution fails to address Hamas’ use of Palestinian civilians as human shields. Hamas stores weapons in Palestinian civilian areas including schools, and then launches them toward Israeli civilian areas, thus committing war crimes against Israeli and Palestinian civilians. To Hamas, dead Palestinians are excellent propaganda and shahids (martyrs for the cause of Islam). The resolution fails to condemn this, but rather condemns Israel for accidental collateral damage.

This resolution is a complete manipulation of A.S. power for a personal objective. I hope that A.S. maintains objectivity and votes on behalf of the entire student population, which is obviously not heard through this resolution.