In a brief meeting last night, the Associated Students Legislative Council distributed $6,455.33 to 10 student organizations. Next Tuesday will be the last Finance Board meeting of the quarter.

The board fully funded requests by the Vietnamese Student Association, Student Advocates for Healthy Living in Underserved Demographics, Hillel, Chinese Student and Scholars Association, Gaucho Cinema, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, S.T.A.N.D. and Delta Sigma Theta, while partially funding the Technology Committee and Human Rights Group.

A.S. Technology Committee was among the organizations receiving funding last night. They sought financial support for their quarterly local area network party, which consists of students networking their computers together to play various computer games.

Chair Bay Grabowski said the committee is currently working on a number of activities.

“We’re working on long term projects which aren’t as visual,” Grabowski said. “They often take five years and several million dollars. … We’re working on providing campuswide wireless Internet and improving the computers and programs at the UCen labs.”

Board member Hassan Naveed said he doubted the board would have funded the event if it were put on by a student organization instead of an A.S. entity.

“If a student organization came with a similar request, would the board still pass it?” Naveed asked. “Is this event providing resources for students like other [A.S. organizations] actively do? I don’t know. I’m not sure that it does.”

Additionally, Vice Chair Dan Plotkin said Finance Board has funded this event for six consecutive years and the board has yet to see the committee’s contributions to the student body.

“We’ve now funded $7,000 to $8,000 to this event over the years and what have they given back?” Plotkin asked. “I’m not sure at this point whether they’ve done enough.”

However, board member Gloria Schindler said members should be cautious about criticizing a committee that provides resources to a part of the student population whose needs aren’t catered to by A.S.

“Be careful in judging what [boards, committees and commissions] do,” Schindler said. “I agree that they’ve only put on computer game parties and that they can do more for UCSB students. But we shouldn’t be so critical. Like [Grabowski] said, there’s a whole community of people that don’t feel represented by A.S.”

The committee received $971 out of a requested $1,500.

Delta Sigma Theta received full funding, as well as a “one-time exception” on the $500 cap set for food funding for their annual Thanksgiving dinner. The dinner will be held on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Santa Rosa formal lounge.

Board member Bee Sliff said the organization should receive the “one-time exception” because the event caters around food and could not possibly buy everything needed with just $500.

“This is their 10th annual event,” Sliff said. “It’s something that they put on every year and they realize that it’s a one-time thing.”

Board member Desi Fairly agreed and said events that focus on culture should receive the exception.

“It’s fair to provide one time exceptions for cultural events,” Fairly said. “Thanksgiving is a part of a culture, in fact, our own culture. Why would we not want to fund it?”

Additionally, Naveed said the dinner draws a varied group of students, not just those who normally celebrate Thanksgiving as a cultural holiday.

“It’s an extremely diverse, communal atmosphere,” Naveed said “Plus, it has been going on for a long time and the food is good.”