In a discussion filled with unintentional irony, Associated Students Finance Board debated funding a so-called “free” Death Cab for Cutie concert at its meeting last night.

The board dispensed $19,932 to eight student organizations throughout the course the three-and-a-half-hour meeting. A.S. S.C.O.R.E. and College Republicans received full funding, while Kappa Alpha Psi, International Student Association, Amnesty International, Sex and Relationships, Judo Club and A.S. Program Board received partial funding.

A.S. Program Board requested $9,000 for lighting for the “free” Death Cab for Cutie concert that UCSB won by registering the most student voters through the Ultimate College Bowl contest.

Despite promises on the UCSB Web site declaring the university with the most registered voters would win the concert at no charge, Finance Board Chair Sarah Dasko said the event would not be fully funded after all.

“Winning the contest guaranteed that we had the contract,” Dasko said. “[MTV] paid for the $15,000 for the concert, but that doesn’t cover the cost by any shape or form. … If we don’t come up with funding by the end of the week, we are passing the concert to Berkeley.”

A.S. Program Board Deputy Commissioner Sina Sadighi said that since students are expecting the concert and have worked hard to win it, the event should receive Finance Board funding.

“The premature buzz from what I understand has been positive,” Sadghi said. “I don’t see any negative publicity for it. I don’t see people not getting excited for it. Even if you’ve only heard two to three Death Cab songs, it’s a free show. Everyone’s going so people will kind of go see what’s happening. People will definitely go to this concert.”

Board member Paige Blatt, however, noted that it was not actually a “free show” for students if it required Finance Board — and therefore, students’ — funds.

“I’m really big on representing SB,” Blatt said. “If this was just a concert that Finance Board was putting on, we would turn it down in two seconds. It’s not a free concert, it’s simply not. It costs $9,000 just from us alone.”

Board member Darshan Grover said the concert was worth the expensive cost because of the benefits it would bring to the campus and to A.S.

“This is one of the best ways to appeal to the larger student community,” Grover said. “Any event we can fund that’s free for students, can potentially have 4,000 students attending, is alcohol free, safe and enjoyable should be funded. … It’s also a way for our name to be associated with the concert. It’s a great reward for students who registered to vote.”

Ultimately, A.S. Program Board received $7,500 of a requested $9,000, allocated from the Winter Quarter budget.

Meanwhile, College Republicans requested funds for Lieutenant Colonel Robert “Buzz” Patterson to speak on campus. According to CR Chairman Ross Nolan, a fourth-year political science major, Lt. Patterson served in the Air Force for 20 years.

“This is a timely issue, especially in the context of Veterans Day,” Nolan said. “We are still engaged in two wars. … So this is important to what our generation has to deal with. There is also little intellectual diversity on campus when it comes to issues of the military.”

Board members fully funded the event.