Our support for Measure D does not mean we want to replace our grassy open space with nine-story department stores and massive parking lots. We endorse Measure D because we’re supportive of the fact that people are finally paying attention to I.V. and putting money toward something other than floodlights at Halloween.

When I.V. was thrown together, developers didn’t make room for adequate parking in I.V. Attempts at creating a community center resulted in nothing better than a poorly accessible park, Anisq’Oyo’. We’re thankful to see somebody attempt to plan I.V. around a more open park, while taking steps toward building a much-needed community center.

Additionally, passage of Measure D allows the county to consider building a subterranean parking structure. In the next 25 years, 5,000 more people will probably be coming to UCSB, and we’re betting many will be living in I.V. Like it or not, they’re going to need somewhere to park. No, higher density is not our favorite option, but it is an unavoidable problem, one that we need to plan for as soon as possible.

Measure D is far from perfect and the editorial board is nearly split down the middle on the issue. While we cautiously support it, we’re concerned about the vagueness of the measure and slightly worried that if passed, the county will take advantage of the loosely worded measure to exploit Isla Vista. Nevertheless, we’re willing to accept the risk in the hopes for a better future.