Do you drive places? Do you take the bus? Do you think kids should be able to get to school safely? Then you need to say yes to Measure A. It extends a half-cent tax dedicated to improving public transportation and roadways in Santa Barbara. Again, this will not add any new taxes, just extend the one currently in place. It was initiated in 1989 and is set to expire in March 2010 if Measure A does not pass. If the measure does pass, the county is slated to receive over $520 million in matching funds in federal and state gas taxes, developer fees and other funding in addition to the $1.05 billion from taxpayers.

If Measure A fails, bus services will be cut dramatically and roads will continue to deteriorate. If it does pass, $40 million will be dedicated for bike routes and commuter rails alone. With gas prices always on the rise, we need effective and safe ways to commute throughout the county. Because the state’s economy is down the tubes, we need to rely on local funds to fix local problems. A Yes vote on Measure A can help do just that.