If you have even a cell of liberalness in you, the choice between Hannah-Beth Jackson and Tony Strickland is a no-brainer. Strickland is frighteningly close to being a right-wing extremist. He created a faux environmental company shortly before the election to fool voters into thinking he is pro-environment. Planned Parenthood has repeatedly given him low ratings for his stance against abortion.

Hannah-Beth Jackson, on the other hand, is the exact type of candidate we’re looking for. Fixing the budget mess in California is Jackson’s top priority once she gets in office. She plans to make a bipartisan effort to repair the budget through fundamental structural changes and by instituting a tax on companies who drill for oil in California, like Alaska and Louisiana already have.

Protecting the environment is key for Jackson, which is a critically important for a candidate running in a district with so much coastline. She was chair of the Environmental Safety Committee during her six years in the State Assembly and has secured funding for many renewable energy efforts.

Jackson also holds women’s rights issues close to her heart. She strongly supports a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion and chaired the bipartisan women’s caucus in State Assembly.

Jackson looks even better when pitted against Tony Strickland. We fundamentally disagree with almost everything Strickland stands for. If he is elected, we’re moving.