Democrat incumbent Pedro Nava is another obvious choice for us. He cares deeply about keeping the entire district environmentally friendly and often comes to campus to chat with UCSB students and faculty about their concerns. As he’s headed into his third and final term, he is gaining the clout he needs in the assembly to pass crucial environmental bills.

Regarding the environment, Nava has been a monumental force in keeping Greka in line. During Greka’s eight-year history in the area, Nava has been keeping almost impossibly close tabs on the corporation. His checks on the oil spills have kept the company from damaging the Santa Barbara coastline even further.

He helped to enact legislation to punish repeat environmental offenders and keep Santa Barbara’s natural beauty pristine. His eight years of service on the California Coastal Commission also reassure us that he has the coast’s best interests in mind, and we feel confident with Nava in charge.