If Barack Obama is elected President of the United States, change is coming. Obama, rated the most liberal U.S. senator by the National Journal and largely considered the most liberal politician ever to be elected as a presidential candidate, would preside over an ideologically deadlocked Supreme Court, a Democratic majority in the House and a near filibuster-proof Democratic majority in the Senate. This is a blank check for the Democratic Party and a would-be president that has promised one of the biggest socialistic expansions of government we will have ever seen in our nation’s history. Obama has chosen four apocalyptic vessels to achieve his objectives.

Taxes. Obama claims he is going to lower taxes for 95 percent of Americans. True, if you completely redefine the definition of ‘tax cut.’ He has no intention of lowering anyone’s taxes. He will, however, send out a tax-relief check which he has erroneously labeled as a ‘tax cut.’ This is a check in the mail that will be eaten up by the economy in a short time, while tax rates for the middle class and poor remain unchanged. In addition, Obama has stated that he plans on raising capital gains and payroll taxes, tax rates that directly affect the middle class and small business. During an economic recession, these are the kinds of rates we should be lowering to promote economic growth.

Healthcare. Obama preaches healthcare for all, but his opponents correctly identify that to do so would imply a single-payer system, where the government takes complete control. To give you an idea of what the single-payer system is like, imagine your last visit to the DMV. Now imagine that was your doctor’s office. Even Obama knows that sensible people consider single-payer to be an abject failure, and therefore notes that he will allow existing private companies to continue to run parallel to his government system. Unfortunately, not only will Obama’s system, which mandates healthcare for all uninsured, be equivalent to doubling the size of Medicare overnight, it will drive out private companies that will never be able to compete with the costs of subsidized medicine.

Protectionism. Obama is in the tank of the unions, for he has opposed free trade in almost every instance. Free trade is the simple concept of lowering trade barriers between countries to open up global markets, promote competition and thus drive down costs. When countries engage in free trade, the consumer wins. If, however, driven by the unions, we were to engage in protectionism in order to drive up the costs of American goods, the consumer in the U.S. will suffer from higher prices and American products that have not been vetted by global competition.

Spending. The left claims that we can’t “afford” four more years of “the same.” On the contrary, our nation literally cannot afford four years of Obama. He has proposed over $800 billion in new spending, while our national debt continues to skyrocket and our country sinks into a recession. In a time when we most need fiscal discipline, he can hardly decide what social program and government agency he doesn’t want to spend money on. Also, despite what Obama may lead you to believe, ending the war in Iraq will not make up for $800 billion in new government spending. With Obama at the wheel, we would continue to, according to his own words, “mortgage our children’s future” with uncontrollable deficit spending.

Barack Obama’s methods could dramatically reshape our political landscape in ways we may never recover from. Our country does need change, but not towards socialistic government expansion. Stand up for the principle of limited government this election and emphatically reject Obama’s apocalyptic brand of change.