Tyrone Edward Chambers was arrested earlier this month after activating a series of fire alarms in an attempt to lure a female student from her San Clemente dorm room.

According to a University of California Police Dept. press release, Chambers – a Bakersfield resident who had prior relations to the victim – had been forcing the student to accompany him against her will. The victim then managed to escape and sought refuge in her Encino Village dorm room. Chambers proceeded to activate a series of fire alarms throughout the residence hall in order to force the victim from her room.

At 9:22 a.m., Santa Barbara County Fire, Rescue 7 and UCPD arrived on the scene to find the residence hall evacuated and Chambers absent from the scene. UCSB police detectives working in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Dept. located and arrested Chambers in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles the following day.

UCPD Sgt. Matt Bowman said the department immediately notified surrounding agencies of Chamber’s flight.

“Chambers had no affiliation to the campus, but we gave word to the Los Angeles Police Dept.,” Bowman said. “Our agencies cooperated, and a day later we arrested him on an unrelated warrant.”

Bowman said that while LAPD booked Chambers on separate charges, UCPD is actively seeking prosecution for his criminal conduct at UCSB.

“Pulling a fire alarm is a misdemeanor in California and kidnapping qualifies as a felony,” Bowman said. “While the initial arrest was made under an unrelated warrant, UCPD is currently pursuing these other charges.”

Anyone with information regarding this ongoing investigation is encouraged to contact UCSB Police at (805) 893-3446.