Daily Nexus — Hey guys, how does it feel to be in Santa Barbara tonight?

DJ Paul — It feels good. We’re always in Santa Barbara though. Fuck yeah, we come here all the time. We live in L.A. We come here all the time. Ya’ll didn’t know, we rollin’ on the low low.

DN — Well, we really appreciate you coming to UCSB.

DJ P — I appreciate USBC having me.

DN — So what’s your favorite song off your new album?

DJ P — All of ’em. All of ’em.

DN — What’s your favorite song to perform and why?

DJ P — “Lolli” ’cause the girls shake their booty.

Juicy J — Same one, ’cause the girls shake their booty.

DJ P — You smell good too. You smell real good, what is that?

DN — It’s my fragrance.

Victory — Is that Versace?

DN — Uh, no it’s not.

V — Well you look good. Very good taste.

DJ P — She look so good you wouldn’t believe it.

DN — Alright so, boxers or briefs guys?

DJ P — Boxers.

JJ — Both at the same time. Turns the girls on.

DN — Can you explain to me why?

DJ P — Uh, briefs. Briefs snug the nutsack, which keeps your semen boilin’. That’s something my gym teacher told me a long time ago.

DN — Is there a muse for your song “Azz and Tittiez?” Did you write it for a special girl?

DJ P — You.

DN — Me? You wrote “Azz and Tittiez” for me?

DJ P — We did actually.

DN — So I need to know, are you “azz” or “tittiez” men?

DJ P — Uh, everybody’s an ass man first, but titties come in handy. It’s like if you order a cheeseburger. Anybody can order a cheeseburger. But when you get lettuce on it, it’s got that extra incentive. Just like a cheeseburger with lettuce.

DN — Which artist are you guys most influenced by?

DJ P — Michael Jackson, because he put his foot down and nobody else ever selled more records than he ever sold.

DN — Are you guys planning on collaborating with any other artists soon?

DJ P — Michael Jackson. We gonna do a record with Three 6 Mafia, Michael Jackson and Prince on the same record.

DN — How did it feel to be the first rap group to win an Academy Award?

DJ P — Great, it felt like getting your virginity taken by Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, uhhh…Penelope Cruz, who else…Jessica Biel, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, uhhh…and Brooke Shields, Lindsay Lohan, and Diana Ross at the same time. And the bald-headed Britney Spears. Yeah, Britney bald.

DN — What makes a great crowd?

DJ P — People that are drunk. Santa Barbara people that are drunk.

DN — I think you’ll find plenty of that tonight. What are your biggest fears?

DJ P — Paying taxes.

JJ — Waking up in a bed with a woman like, who are you? And what did we just do?

DN — Describe your ideal woman.

DJ P — My ideal woman is you.

DN — Me? Can I marry you?

DJ P — Of course you can marry me. Get the hell out of here, of course.

DN — Are you guys voting in the upcoming election and who are you voting for?

DJ P — Ourselves. Three 6 Mafia for President.

DN — I wasn’t aware you guys were running.

JJ — Three for President, and 6 Mafia for Vice President.

DN — What do you guys like most about being performing artists?

DJ P — The groupies. Um, groupie. The groupies and the free drugs.

DN — Are you planning on going out and partying tonight in I.V.?

DJ P — Yes. We’re having a party. Wayne’s World! Wayne rented a mansion in the hills and we going to Wayne’s World.

DN — Are you planning on getting some Santa Barbara ladies tonight?

DJ P — Uhhh no, I’m planning on getting some California ass tonight. I don’t give a hell where it’s from.

DN — What inspired the song “Lolli Lolli?”

DJ P — Uhhh, vagina… You.

DN — My vagina or just me?

DJ P — You and your vagina. Vergina with an ‘er,’ vergina.

DN — Who writes the lyrics and music for your songs?

JJ — Three 6 Mafia and a guy named Superpower wrote the record. What inspired us to write the songs is we wanted to write something that would get women off their seats and get on the dance floor.

DN — Can I ask a personal question? What’s your sexual fantasy?

DJ P — Having sex on an elevator.
JJ — Having sex on top of an elevator while it’s going up.

DN — Can your fans expect any new material soon?

DJ P — Yeah yeah yeah, comin’ out we got a new Chrome album, our artist Chrome. We got an artist named Yung D. And we got a new album by an artist Lil’ White. And a new album by an artist Project Pat. And a new Three 6 Mafia album going down, YEEA!

DN — Alright so, the ladies want to know, is there a special someone in either of your lives?

DJ P — You. You the special one in both our lives. Threesome!

DN — Alright I’ll meet you guys there. You guys have anything else to say? Any closing comments?

DJ P — Yeah yeah yeah, if you wanna see what’s up with Three 6 Mafia you can go to triplesix.com. It should be triplesex.com but it’s triplesix.com. You smell good. Give me a kiss.