Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing to respond to the article entitled “Hybrids Not Worth It in the Long Run” by Shaeffer Bannigan (Daily Nexus, Sept 18). I want to say that Shaeffer did a terrific job of demonstrating, through the use of shallow sarcasm and derogatory not-so-low-blows, the conservative thought process when it comes to contributing to the salvation of the human race on this planet: money. By attempting to stereotype liberals he has instead stereotyped himself.
If I’m not mistaken, according to Shaeffer, the note that was left on his windshield did not mention anything about humans saving money. Therefore, by turning to economics to try to prove a point, Shaeffer’s rebuttal becomes obsolete. Now, I don’t want to mimic his belittling stance, but I’ll say this: Sometimes conservatives are perceived as thinking monetarily.

Shaeffer goes on to say, “The bigger picture is not to slow emissions in the small fraction of pollution that is produced by cars, but to offset and reverse that pollution.” Please, Shaeffer, if you know the golden secret to save the earth and guarantee the perpetuation of all life, I welcome enlightenment. Small steps contribute to the bigger picture. That’s the point that many people overlook.

I understand that it’s annoying to find accusatory fliers on your windshield. I agree they don’t do much except anger the incriminated to the point of lashing back in order to protect one’s pride. So instead of separating efforts into teams of “tree-huggers and their witty humor and scientific jargon” and “conservative columnists,” we could try coming together as people who prefer that the earth and its life survive, despite human destruction. It might produce some answers.