Rush began last Sunday with orientation and sign-ups for sororities in Campbell Hall, where 900 girls appeared with the intent to go greek. Of the initial 900 that showed up to the first day of rush, close to half signed up for the full week.

Pi Phi member Sara Ramsay said interest in rush was less than anticipated for this year, but that the week still proved successful.

“About 500 girls are rushing this fall, which is less than we expected, but is still a pretty good turnout,” Ramsay, a third-year psychology major, said. “It is a lot of work preparing for rush, but we’ve had some really cool girls come out this year, so it’s been fun.”

The potential sorority sisters who decided to stick with rush have had a full week to look at houses, talk to members and attend a variety of events in the hopes of receiving a bid.

According to Sigma Pi Pledge Leader Joe Chung, the guys have had an easier time of things this week, as they only need to rush for a few hours every evening,

“We mostly just hang out and barbeque or play volleyball – just activities that allow them to get our vibe and us to get theirs,” Chung, a third-year sociology major, said. “It’s the one time in the year where your man-game needs to be spotless.”

Even so, SAE member Andrew “Shmidty” Smith said fall rush can still be a grueling – but worthwhile – process.

“Honestly, it gets old having the same conversation with 100 different people throughout the course of the week, but the whole process is necessary even though that shit is tiring,” Smith, a third-year business economics major, said. “Even so, rush is a very special journey that takes place in our magical greek kingdom – where you not only discover your inner-being, but you also find a place – a special place, your happy place, the place you feel at home.”